Discover the rich variety of cultures from around the world, and learn about their history, traditions, art, cuisine… Each country is a whole new adventure!


Give those neurons a workout and free your imagination with our challenges! A fun and enticing new way to learn arithmetic, geometry, science, grammar, music…


Children explore, discover, solve mysteries, create, play and challenge themselves. Independent work in action, with minimal screen time.

Yes, math is thrilling

We make a difference in online education. Rock & Roll VirtualSchool is based on the latest research in Neuroeducation and is chock-full of music, Montessori inspired challenges and Creative Education.

We trust children and their innate ability to develop a sense of responsibility, contribution and collaboration.

Challenge education

Live and motivating online class that encourages contribution, self-improvement and team collaboration.

The Challenge Education System connects with children’s inner motivation and the natural learning process.

Discover, Solve and Create with our dynamic, hands-on challenges.

Cultural curriculum

Children live in a growing interconnected world in which collaboration is essential for progress. We educate for global citizenship, celebrating the cultural wealth of all countries, peoples and music.

Music is a big part of it. We believe that it is a universal language, and all children have it in them, waiting for the moment to be expressed.

Gamified learning

Pure wanderlust for kids.

An online game, a virtual journey, delving deep into the wonders of each continent. Unlock your way around the world by completing our challenges and learn more about each country as you go.

We are unique. And so are your kids.

Enjoy a fun and dynamic new way to learn.

Children learn in different ways. In this high-engagement program they can connect socially in live classes, follow a self-paced curriculum, with low screen time, no homework, no grades, no stress.

Kids make the most of their time working during class and are in action most of the time, performing sensory, motor and intellectual activities with common household materials.

They are presented a short video in which an intrepid adventurer with a big scientific spirit arouses their curiosity and challenges them to new lessons.

how it works

Live classes

In each live class, a specially trained teacher streams a short, pre-recorded video, of 3 to 8 minutes, in which we present new concept and set a challenge. It is a lively and attractive presentation, with a subtle sense of humor that creates an impact and inspires the desire to get to work.

They have 30 minutes to complete it. For this independent work, they will use common household items. And, best of all: No screens attached! Each challenge is designed in one of these categories: Solve, Discover or Create.

Afterwards they meet with their group to share the experience, give feedback and carry out a self-evaluation. The whole sessions lasts 60 minutes.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced classes are designed to further the VirtualSchool experience.

If you are a homeschool family where a parent is facilitating classes alongside the children, then VirtualSchool is the right fit for you!

If you are enrolled in the live classes and you missed a Challenge, login and visit the library to complete it later on, at your own pace.

For children that are looking for a deeper experience, the self-paced classes allow the opportunity to engage with additional content beyond the live classes.

Around the World at full STEAM

Kids discover a new country every month with our exciting and challenging STEAM-based game! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Arts and Maths.

An intrepid adventurer with an enormous scientific spirit sets challenges to the children and gets them working with hands-on activities in your own home. Will you able able to solve all the mysteries?

Knowledge builds respect.

Children live in a growing interconnected and multicultural world.

In 2002, the National Geographic–Roper ran a Global Geographic Literacy Survey, and discovered that 11% of young U.S. citizens could not locate the U.S. on a map.
The Pacific Ocean’s location was a mystery to 29%, Japan’s was unknown to 58%, France to 65%, and the U.K. to 69%.

We teach children about the rich variety of cultures all around the world. Every month each country becomes a whole new adventure.

Because once you understand the history of a nation, you learn to value and respect it.

Join the Club

Let your children conquer their independence and lead them towards success.

Motivating, engaging and addictive learning experience based on music, challenge education and worldwide cultural heritage.

A fresh new way to learn math, science, language and music, covering the full official curricula.

Live classes

All challenges are aligned with National Common Core Standards, and inspired in our Areas of Interest:

• The Universe and our world: dimensioning space-time, knowledge of living beings.

• Engineering for children: spatial configurations, object design and inventions.

• Ecology: climate change, waste products, strategies to reduce human impact on nature.

• Sensory creativity: painting, clay, collage, design, lettering and photography.

• Strategy tests: mental mazes, problem solving, puzzles and logic games.

• Scenic games: improvised choir, performance, imitation, social roles and dance.

• Language games: Deconstruction and analysis of language.

Boost their potential.
Ignite their creativity.

Join our community and give your kids the edge.

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